Rod Krause is the owner of ECSS and the Numberskills software developer. He has been a Mathematics teacher for 30 years.

The software available at NUMBERSKILLS has been created as a result of classroom practice.




Heide Krause works in a small New South Wales country school, supporting students with special needs. Together with Rod, she develops the content, learning sequence and objectives of each software module.

 Dr Milton Krause is educational consultant and project facilitator at ECSS. He is a trained primary and secondary school teacher and has been a university professor in education for more than 20 years. His special interests include using computers creatively and the role of computers in continuing education.




Paul Ramsay is our marketing and design support. His background is in the printing and design industry. He has a keen interest in educational software development and brings a common sense perspective to the Numberskills team.

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