Calculating Change (Money)
These software modules will be made available for a limited
without cost to teachers once completed.
This week one of the teachers in my department
asked if I had any modules to drill number bonds to
100, in money form.
Here are the types of questions she needed:

$0.25 + $______ = $1.00
$______ + $0.60 = $1.00
$1.00 - $0.50 = $______
$1.00 - $______ = $0.35
$1.25 + $0.75 = $______
$6.00 + $0.45 = $______
$3.00 + $1.25 = $______

You will find the modules that I have been working
on below.
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Form Object
How can you help?
Look through the modules below. I have written these for Australian schools. If
modifications need to be made to be more useful in your school, let me know by
filling in the form at the end of the modules. Any feedback would be appreciated.
How you can you get a copy of the modules?
Anybody who has subscribed to my newsletter (home page - click here) will
receive a newsletter as soon as the software is ready. It will be available for free
download and use to all subscribers for a period of time. The software is in flash
format so it enlarges to full screen without losing quality. The buttons have been
designed for use with interactive whiteboards in mind (touch) but work well with a
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