Place Value Workshop 1

ELEMENT 3 - Build through practice
Learning Tool - Place Value Interactive
Activities and Activity Sheets

The Place Value Interactive modules are
designed to assist students to consolidate
their understanding of place value through

Each module focuses on a specific skill.
Modules can be placed on individual
computers (or the school network if a site
licence has been obtained).

Modules can also be effectively used with a
whole group when projected (or used with an
Interactive Whiteboard).
Activity Sheets that cover the same skills can be produced as either an alternative
to computer-based interactions or as out-of-class activities.

All questions are generated using random number technology and so are unique (but
focus on the same set of skills). Activity sheets can also be used as assessment

Tests can be individualised by entering a student's name. Each student is able to
receive a unique set of questions if desired.