Random Number

So how do I use a RANDOM NUMBER generator in my classroom?

To be quite honest, I have found a random number generator to be one of the most powerful
management tools in my classes.

Apart from its use in generating
DATA for topics such as STATISTICS and PROBABILITY, I
use the random number generator daily as a

Here are 5 ways I use the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR as a classroom management tool

1. Give each student a number and then allow the random number generator to pick who answers a

2. Write a list of activities on the board and let the random number generator decide the order in
which the activities are done.

3. Use the random number generator to decide on how the class will break into groups.

4. Use the random number generator to to decide on a short-term seating plan.

5. Let the random number generator create quiz questions - e.g. set the range between 1 and 10 for
younger groups and practise adding skills (or tables)... and lots more...

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